"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


ECPI Water-New Revolution in Health Technology!

What is ECPI Water?

Everything in the universe is basically energy, and all form of energy is controlled by informative data fields (IDF-Intrinsic Data Fields). Energy exist all over as a potential, and by the movement fields are created which allow for the transmission, absorption and setting of direction of the energy.

Energy exists as consciousness in the self (soul, spirit) in thoughts, sense, electricity and as power fields in gravity. In physics, energy exists as a mass of molecules, and the exchange of energy is communication. Sound, light, heat, magnetism, color and electricity are all but variants of the same source-energy. The variants differ only in frequency and the medium, through which they are conducted.

ECPI Water is a combination of water treatment system and electromagnetic wave technology. These combinations of technology produce a very unique water good to maintain your healthiness. Below is the process of ECPI Water:

Water Treatment System

Combinations of a few water treatment systems to produce the best quality water needed by the human body. Below is a combination of water treatment used to produce ECPI Water:

-Reverse osmosis
-Ultra violet
-Electromagnetic Wave Treatment

In the production of ECPI Water, physic methodology is used whereby all energy wave patterns from any natural substance can be digitally coded and transmitted into a media. In the case of ECPI Water, energy wave pattern from substance such as food supplements, organ code etc are transmitted into ECPI Water molecule. The energy wave pattern which has been bombarded in ECPI Water molecule will form a chain of stable memory pattern. This technology will not only produced by the best quality water needed by our body system but gained a high therapeutic effect and essential for body health. ECPI Water molecule which has been digitally coded with stable energy pattern is the most unique water ever produced in the world and safe for drinking by all age groups.

Ingredient of ECPI Water

-Wave energy of “pro multivitamins” and “pro hormones”
-Wave energy for emotion
-Wave energy of 100’s “pro advanced functional food”
-Wave energy of human organ
-Therapeutics wave energy
-Detoxification of toxic
-Detoxification of free radicals

How to define ECPI Water?

-Not just a Drinking Water
-Not just a Mineral Water
-Not just a Reverse Osmosis Water
-Not just a Oxygenated Water
-Not just a Alkaline Water
-Not just a Ionize Water
-Not just a Ozone Water
-Not just a Ultra Violet Water
-Not just a Energy Water

..But ECPI Water is a life water with a thousand therapeutic values to balance body energy matrix and provide healthiness.

Benefit of ECPI Water

-Able to penetrate the intra cellular wall
-Enhance body detoxification process
-Contain electrolyte needed by human body
-Enhance organ function
-Enhance physical vitality and overcome fatigue and tiredness
-Provide more oxygen to cell
-Help to slow ageing process
-Help to increase immune system
-Help to pathogen growth
-Help to enhance healing process
-Help to reduce cell stimulate
-Help to reduce pain
-Help to treat migraine and headache
-Help to reduce fever and cough
-Help with poisoning and intoxication
-To help with joint pains and arthritis
-To stimulate sex organ
-Helps to reduce high blood pressure
-Reduce the risk of colon cancer
-Reduce the risk of appendicitis
-Prevent intestinal parasites
-Reduce the risk of diverticulosis
-Help digestive disorders
-Maintain regularity
-Prevent constipation
-Beneficial in weight loss

Taste it first and enjoy the myriad of health benefits!

Available in our holistik centre-'Rawatan Ozon dan Alternatif Harmoni', Kuantan. (+60179351516)

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