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Study confirms mothers-in-law are the chief cause of divorces

-The Star Online May 27,2009

KUALA LUMPUR: Every married person knows it, but a local study has confirmed it – mothers-in-law are the chief cause of divorces, especially in the Indian community.
Data in the Malaysia Community and Family Study 2004 by the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) revealed that “meddlesome in-laws” is the number one reason why Indian couples get divorced.
It is also among the top three factors for divorce among the Malays and Chinese. The other two factors are incompatibility (42.3%) and infidelity (12%).
“Interference by in-laws is the main reason for Indians to divorce. It is the top-ranked reason at 30%,” said LPPKN director-general Datuk Aminah Abdul Rahman when presenting a paper on Malaysia’s family profile and its effects at Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia yesterday.
Infidelity is the marriage breaker among the Malays and Indians but it is tolerated among the Chinese.
“Among Malays, the second most common reason is infidelity and refusal to put up with polygamy,” she said.
“Among the Indians, infidelity is the second highest ranked reason for divorce at 25%,” she said.
However, the Chinese considered infidelity as the least crucial reason for a divorce.
Cheating was at the bottom along with health and gambling addiction at 4.2%.
Surprisingly, abuse is not a reason for divorce among the Malays and Chinese, but is a reason among Indians at 5%.
“Another overall reason which ranked high among the three races at 11.5% is ‘not being responsible’,” she said.
Although it is common perception that the family institution is quite fragile and divorces are rampant, data shows otherwise - only 0.7% of the population was divorced in 2000.
The data shows that divorce is more likely to happen to those under 25 and above 40.
Meanwhile, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said that more Malaysian women were choosing to marry later in life and it could cause a reduction in fertility rate and an ageing society.
“The National Family Policy and its action plan will address this issue of late marriages,” she said.
The policy would be presented to the Cabinet soon.

Dr H:-

Interesting study findings.so guys (yg dah kahwin la) bawak-bawak la duduk rumah sendiri bila dah kahwin nanti.poning duduk dgn mak mentua ni...hehe..


::farahish:: said...

sometimes.. at first place kita boleh pikir yang in-laws ni orang tua yg ader symptom monopaus ke ape so kite just mengalah and layankan ajer... but things will usually become worse when they demand for such ridiculous things from us - which yang akan kite luahkan kat lelaki and akan menyebabkan bergaduh. then, laki plak tersepit... sebelah kiri mak diye, sebelah kanan plak bini diye. jadi laa gaduh@ merajuk sbb2 bende bodoh gitu...
[itu yg berlaku pada almost 2/3 kakak2 married women kat office i. penat dah duk dengar citer yang boleh buat u rasa takut nak kawin huhu..]
so, be alive. let us respect each other. :-)

pakcik said...

yup.that's true,farah.
tp mak mertua pakcik ok la plk, sporting habis!..he he..


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