"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


How To Lose Weight (6)

Mental Technique

I think this the most important step.whatever diet, exercise, diet pill etc etc that you take, it won't lead you anywhere if you dont have a positive mind ie "I want to be thin". notice I didn't use the words like " I don't want to be fat". why?

That's because your subconcious mind-the mind of desire, dreams,impulse and urges-responds to words by forming images.even if you say "I dont want.." but there's word 'fat' there, your subconcious mind can't differentiate that and the image in your mind will be 'fat' picture of yours!


Words such as " I want to be thin" as above is example of affirmation, defined as 'statement to declare a desire'. According to Jose Silva, affirmation is much more effective if it is stated during meditation ie when our mind is in alpha state. (refer to my previous posts on meditation).so try to practice meditation everyday.it's also good to release your stress


Some call this guided imagery or focused imagination

Debbie Johnson, author of 'Think Yourself Thin: The Visualisation Technique That Will Make you Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise' lost 40 pounds and has kept it off for years using this technique.

Here's her advice for making it work for you:-
  • develop a "key image". focus on an image of yourself as a thin person."It anchors your mind to the ultimate fulfilment of your weight-loss goal", says Johnson

  • use all your senses-hearing, feeling, seeing, and smelling-to develop every aspect of the image. what does your body look like-exactly-what are your wearing? where are you? at the beach, on the tennis court? dancing the night away?-imagine the happiness you feel with your new, thinner body

  • picture the scene as if it were a movie or video about your new, thinner life-the life that you will be living soon

  • experience the Golden Minute.this is twice a day, for 30 seconds when you wake up in the morning and 30 seconds when you fall asleep at night-when you intensely use your key image and other reinforcing mental exercise
Law of Attraction

Applying law of attraction-use the phrase " I'm in the process of getting thinner body" -as much as possibe everyday. let the positive vibration transmitted out and surely you'll get the positive response.

Good luck.

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