"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


The Power of Specific Goals

Whether you are seeking a true health, getting richer, happier or whatever-you must start with a specific goal. I found this article from Dr. Denis Waitley, a world renowned speaker and author is very interesting.please spend 10 minutes of reading this-it may change your life forever!

Dr. Denis Waitley

One of the major reasons so few people reach their goals is that most people are'nt specific enough when setting them. when we are too vague in setting our goals, our minds simply dismiss those goal as IRRELEVENT.the mind cannot begin to formulate the strategies and actions without specific information, and simply will not respond to vague requests to get rich,have more or do better, or make money.

So set a specific goal and then adjust and fine-tune it any way you wish.just make sure you keep progressing toward the goal no matter how many adjustments are required or how long it takes to accomplish it.

Here are five powers that will help you create more focused goals to achieve your dreams!

1.The Power of the POSITIVE

Your goals should be framed in positive terms. eg instead of focusing on "not being late" or "not being fat", you want to concentrate on images of achievement, such as "I'm on-time person", or "I am lean and in great shape".remember that your mind cannot differentiate on the reverse of an idea, so keep your goals framed in the positive

2. The Power of the PRESENT

Because our long-term memory stores information in real time, our goals should be framed as images of achievement in the present tense.If you say " I want to weigh 130 pounds by next summer," your long-term memory won't even consider working on the goal because it is so far away-it will simply dismiss it as something that come in the distant future.instead tell yourself,"I weigha lean, trim, healthy 130 pounds"

3.The Power of the PERSONAL

Your images of achievement must be your. I cannot stress this enough. They cannot be your spouse's goals or your friend's goal.No goal set for you by others will ever be sought with the same passion, effort, commitment, or motivation as the one you set for yourself

4.The Power of PRECISION

Make your images of achievement specific and precise. remember, when you talk about your goals in specific terms, you will rarely fail. a good way for you to determine if your images of achievement are focused enough is to simply ask yourself, " Can this goal be timed, checked, or measured?" If you cannot time,check or measure your performance, your goals are not specific enough.

5.The Power of the POSSIBLE

A formula that works well is that your goals should be just out of reach but not out of sight; your goals should be realistic, but not achievable by ordinary means.they should be broken down into small,incremental action steps.remember, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. so set challenging, realistic goals with small, doable action steps

The mind is the most magnificient bio-computer ever created.but remember,like a computer,it only responds to specific instructions, not to vague ideas. get specific, and soon you will have a gold mine of motivation with which to create your success and fulfilment

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