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Pinhole Glasses-A Revolution in Eye Care!

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Are you sufferring from these problems?

-myopia (near-sightedness)(malay-'rabun jauh')
-hyperopia (long-sightedness) (malay-'rabun dekat)
-computer vision syndrome

Are you sick of using prescription glasses? (keep changing, eyesight getting weaker etc)

Then pinhole glasses may be the answer!

How Pinhole Glasses work

First let us understand how our eyes work

Light enters our eyes through the curve shaped outer surface called Cornea. This shape allows light rays from different angles to converge and enter the pupil inside the eye as a single beam.

Our eyes adjust the pupil, next, to control the amount of light that goes through. This is helpful in a low light environment when the pupil enlarges to take in as much light as possible.

The regulated beam of light exits the pupil, goes through the lens and falls on the retina, which is where the images that we see are formed.

But before they pass through the lens, the ciliary muscles attached to the lens contract or relax and so, adapt the shape of the lens. This is critical in producing the right image on the retina. To view nearby objects, the muscles contract and change the shape of the lens. When viewing far-off images, the muscles relax and allow the lens to take its natural shape.

The image so produced falls on the retina, the actual light sensitive part of your eyes. Optic nerves attached behind the retina transmits information about the image to our brain. The brain analyses the image and we “see”.

How do eye problems occur and how pinhole glasses help

All parts of our eyes have to work perfectly for us to see. Sometimes, the ciliary muscles become too weak. They are not able to adapt the shape of the lens as much as required. At other times, either the cornea or the eyeball may be deformed. These eye problems prevent the light rays passing through the lens from forming an image on the retina. The image is formed either in front or behind it.

In such a case, angled light rays cause an unfocused image to form on the retina. These images distort the clear image being formed by direct rays entering your eyes.

Pinhole Glasses work by feeding the pupil with direct rays as far as possible. Light rays coming at extreme angles require a large amount of refraction by your lens to form the correct image. Wearing pinhole glasses prevent these rays from entering your eyes. This checks them from distorting the image and consequently you see a better image. This image is of better definition, clarity and brightness.

Pinhole Glasses are special tools

In Pinhole glasses, holes of 1-1.5mm are spaced regularly using laser technology. They may not be suitable for use in some instances.

Wearing pinholes affect your peripheral vision. They should not be used when you are driving or while moving about. It reduces the amount of light entering your eyes. Therefore, it cannot be used in environments having dim light. Wearing pinhole glasses does not prevent harmful UV rays from entering the eyes. So, do not use them to view the sun. It is also not useful for people measured as requiring lens of more than 6 diopters. Other eye problems like diffraction will prevent them from experiencing any significant benefits upon wearing pinholes.

It is always advisable for young people to avoid using any visual aid. Working on their eye muscles can improve their vision considerably.

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