"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


The Chakras-Internal Energy Fields

Internal Energy Fields or Chakras are basically subtle energy fields that run through the body. There are 7 Main Chakras, vertically located from the base of the Spine up to the top of the Head. However although there are many other Energy Fields & Chakras located in every part of the body, all having specific functions, that are usually associated with their location, we will only deal with these main 7 as they are key to our Physical & Mental wellbeing. These 7 Chakras must be in top shape to allow all the others to function correctly.

The descriptions, locations and connections to specific organs are what occurs in most people however different individuals may be slightly different and with most energy fields they also interact with each other. This accounts for the seemingly contradictive specifics published. Mainly due to the healers point of reference is themselves. This does not seem to affect the healing process as healing is in the Chakra and the organ and the higher elements of The Aura automatically knows which Chakra is associated in that individual.

1st The Base or Root Chakra – Colour is Red: It is created at conception and located at the base of the spine. It represents activity in general, such as movement, energy and survival as well as grounding. It connects with the base of the spine and also connects the liver and is associated with most illness. Red is also associated with pain, swelling and inflammation and all heat sensations. When this Chakra is working correctly, we have physical vitality and strength. We feel connected to nature with a deep understanding of nature’s rhythms and patterns.

When disturbed it affects the liver and all adrenal problems. Most major middle and upper back, hip and stability problems are caused by disturbances of the Base Chakra. Long term disturbances can cause chronic back and hip problems.

2nd The Sacral Chakra : Colour is Orange: Created at conception. It's located above the pubic bone. It is connected to the sensuality, sexuality, desire for pleasure, spontaneous enjoyment and feeling of wellbeing. It is connected with the kidneys, the large and small intestine, pancreas, spleen, groin, prostrate and uterus in women . When this Chakra is working correctly, we feel vital, supple, fun loving and have a good sexual desire.

When disturbed it affects our Sacrum – the lower back pain, spleen, sexual problems, bladder and digestive disorders. Disturbances tend to make muscles contract putting stain on major joints linked with the legs and feet, associated with most leg and foot injuries. We feel a lack of focus, lack of vitality, physical rigidity, anger and often anti-social behaviours are magnified.

3rd The Solar Plexus Chakra: Colour is Yellow: Created around the time we are Born. It is located around the navel and the base of the rib cage. Associated with Blood, Lymph System, Hypothalamus. Motivates us to bring about change. Deals with our use of energy and the solar plexus creates change in us as well as around us. It is an organizing type of control centre, that gives us the ability to operate in a more powerful and effective ways. When this Chakra is working correctly, because of the Lymph System, it deals with many different systems of the body, also effects our immune system. It also works in the proper functioning of the nervous system and the skin. Also related with optimism, self-confidence, spontaneity, flexibility, understanding, joy, and laughter. When disturbed it affects The Immune System, Ulcers, hypoglycaemia, stress related ailments, indigestion, auto immune disorders, chronic fatigue and removal of poisons and impurities from the blood and the physical body.

4th The Heart Chakra; The Colour is Green: Created at conception. Located at the centre of the chest this is also the midway point of the chakra system with 3 chakras above and 3 chakras below. Associated with the heart, lungs, diaphragm, arms, hands and respiration This chakra is about love, caring, sharing, relationships, balance, equilibrium and, gives us structure to our existence, routine and discipline and all aspects of personal growth. When this Chakra is working correctly, we have a sense of calm, clear-sightedness, friendliness and tolerance of others. When disturbed it affects our Heart, contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, invasive illness, abnormal growths. We tend to feel emotionless, have lack of control, may cause sense of claustrophobia, being trapped, unfulfilled, restricted, dominated, a need to be in control or be controlled, becoming possessive or obsessive, constantly seeking reassurance, a lack of self worth and isolation.

5th The Throat Chakra: The Colour is Blue: Created at about 3 month in utero. It is located in the throat. Associated with the, thyroid and parathyroid glands, the upper chest, neck, throat, mouth, nose, bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs, alimentary when this Chakra is working correctly, we communicate easily, breath freely and are clear headed. When disturbed it contributes to throat problems, Asthma, colds, stiff necks, thyroid problems, ear problems, laryngitis, sore throats, tonsillitis.

6th The Brow Chakra; Colour is Violet: Created at about 3 month in utero. It is located about one finger width above the bridge of the nose at the centre of the forehead. It is associated with pituitary gland and effects mainly the brain, eyes and the ears. It is important in, creative thinking from our conscious mind, reasoning, logical thinking, Clairvoyance, insight, planning, intellect, belief, understanding and analysis. Inward looking rather than expressive like the throat chakra. When this Chakra is working correctly, we can see things clearly, reason well, feel confident and relaxed. Because it gives us the ability to observe and understand and feel deep down what is truth, not what others are telling us. When disturbed our mind may become clouded and thought patterns erratic, making practical decision making extremely difficult. Intuition may become blocked. Visual defects and dyslexia may show up or become more pronounced, nightmares, and headaches are also signs of a malfunctioning brow chakra.

7th The Crown Chakra: Primary colour is white: Created at about 3 month in utero, if no other Soul chooses to reincarnate as this foetus. Located at the top of the head in the centre of the skull. This is our Soul, our connection to The Source, the Universe and The God within us, this is our Spiritual Centre. Our connection with each other and to the whole of creation and all the knowledge of the universe. Once mastered our unique pattern of consciousness is kept in constant touch with all sorts of information from our Earth and the Universe through the subtle dimensions of Spiritual Life Energy. When this Chakra is working correctly we feel at Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, Our God and Creator and our Spirituality is complete. As the base chakra connects us firmly and safely to the earth, the Crown Chakra opens us to the universal energy.

We All have the Ability to Use the Complete Powers of the Crown Chakras. When disturbed some or all of our other Chakras will immediately become disturbed often greatly affecting our total wellbeing. We may feel Anger, Depression, difficulties with both physical and mental functions, exhausted, prone to boredom, listless, feeling of alienation, difficulty in learning, a feeling that something is not right, but difficult to describe clearly what is wrong. When all Our Chakras and Auras are working correctly We Become as We were Created with the ability to Heal ourselves and to Access All Knowledge and Wisdom. However our Creation is so Unique and Adaptable we can live and function and most of us do with Major Energy Field Disturbances. You will never know how great it feels until Your External & Internal Energy Fields are Restored and Functioning as You were Created.

from The Metaphysical Institute http://www.metaphysicalinstitute.org/energy.html


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