"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


How to halt Diabetes in 25 days!

The book was written by Mike Adams, sharing his experience in reversing his diabetic and overweight problem.

".. I used to be borderline diabetic. I was overweight,depressed and hypoglycemic. But by using the same nutritional and lifestyle strategies I'm describing right here, I was able to lose 50 pounds of body fat, end my depression and stabilize my blood sugar.Now I've been declared in a state of "perfect health" by my naturopathic physician".-Mike Adams

The complete, 25-day, step-by-step guide to halting type-2 diabetes.

-How simple food changes have eliminated insulin injections for 70% of diabetics.
-The shocking truth of why half of all limb amputations in America are caused by diabetes.
-Why the American Diabetes Association won't tell you the truth about what causes diabetes.
-The 78 destructive metabolic consequences of eating sugar.
-Why diabetes is really a metabolic disorder, not a disease, and how it can be halted in 25 days or less.
-How to get off insulin for the rest of your life.
-The one trace mineral that's almost always missing from the diets of diabetics (and where you can find it).
-How the main food that causes diabetes also promotes the growth of cancer tumors.
-Which grocery store foods contain hidden sugars that promote diabetes and high blood sugar.
-Why the consumption of healthy oils is crucial to halting diabetes for life.
-How food manufacturers try to deceive you by making unhealthy foods appear healthy.
-Why diabetic prescription drugs are useless, and what to use instead.
-The one common cause of diabetes, mood swings and irritability.
-Why our nation is headed for a diabetic epidemic.
-All about "sticky blood" -- which foods cause it, and why it can literally kill you.
-Which foods deplete your body of nutrients and leave you defenseless against cancer.
-Details on the hidden chemical solvent in white flour that directly causes diabetes.
-The real story on diabetes and exercise: why you need it, and how transforms your biochemistry.
-How simple nutritional supplements can erase your carbohydrate cravings.
... and much more.

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