"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


Diabetes Treatment-The Holistic Approach

For the past 2 weeks, my articles posted were all related to diabetes, which is one of the most important topic discussed among health care providers worldwide

Now let's see how we're going to put all the pieces together-ie holistic a.k.a body-mind-spirit treatment of diabetes

Outline of treatment

Basically,treatment regime comprises of :

1) 'Detox': mind, body & spirit

2) Strengthening: mind, body & spirit

3) Reprogramming: mind, body & spirit

Let's elaborate one by one..

1)- 'Detox'

-means get rid of the toxins. it's like 'reformatting the computer', and new softwares will be 'reinstalled'

'Detoxifying' the mind means to get rid of the negative thoughts (eg I will not get cured from my diabetes until end of my life).this negative thoughts, if not 'detoxified', will weaken the subconcious mind from doing its miraculous job-self healing.

-Detox the body-using my recommended products-crystal energy and mega H and fibers

-Detox the spirit-using 'Pancaran Tenaga Rohani' & Reiki


-the mind -means encouraging the diabetic patients to involve themselves in 'self healing' and optimising their mind power.

-strengthening the body-using nutritional supplements such as lipoic acid, biotin, chromium, vanadium and herbs such as bitter melon, cinnamon, fenugreek etc. refer here. there are a few good supplement that contain most of the nutrients mentioned such as Glucosentials by Pahang Pharmacy

-Dont forget also to get enough sunlight which provides vitamin D sources (recommended-about 10 minutes exposure 3 times weekly)

-Get enough exercise -also to strengthen your body

-Strengthening the spirit-using methods such as acupressure, Reiki and Pancaran Tenaga Rohani (get back to me for further details)

3) Reprogramming:

The mind
-using affirmation technique (imprint to subconcious mind-"I'm in the process of getting cured from my diabetes"). affirmation is much more powerful if done during meditation. learn meditation technique here

-using visualisation technique
-imagine (during meditation) that you are already cured from diabetes with your spouse and children around living a healthy and joyful lives. feel the emotion and make it as if it already happened

The Body
-this is using the same nutritional supplements to get the body to normal function

The Spirit
-this is using special technique-'Pancaran Tenaga Rohani' (please contact me for further details)

I believe if the diabetics follow the above regime strictly as instructed, their disease will be reversed and they should'nt depend on drugs and insulin anymore!

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