"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


Diabetes-Acupressure Tips!

Traditional Chinese Medicine experts believe that diseases are caused by imbalance of flows of bioenergy or 'chi' which comprises of 'yin' (negative force) and 'yang' (positive force).These forces (bioenergy) flow through definite courses or channels in the body which are called the 'meridians'.By stimulating certain meridian points, we are able to bring back these energy in balanced thus restoring our health.

There are certain meridian points need to be pressed if you are diabetic, for the same reason mentioned aboved. It is said that blood sugar almost instantly restored to normal level if these points properly pressed!

Note: Each of the points shown below should be stimulated in a pumping (press-release-press-release) manner for about 1 minute, using tip of your finger, 1-3 times a day:-

point # 10.
location: four finger-widths away from the tip of the Adam's apple

point # 22
location: bend the knee by 90 degrees. now from the lower border of the knee-cap, move three-thumb-widths downwards. you will be able to feel a pointed bone at this level (marked V in the figure).
point # 22 is located one finger-width to the outer side of this pointed bone

point # 26:location:on the inner border of the foot, just after the base of the big toe is a rounded bony-prominence (the ball of the foot). point # 26 is situated just behind this prominent bone

point # 28.
location: at the inner aspect of the ankle joint is a prominent bone. feel this bone and determine its tip.from this tip, move four finger-widths upwards. mark this level. point # 28 lies at this level, just behind the vertical leg-bone

point # 66:
location: this point located in a muscle, midway between the neck and the shoulder

point # 83
location: four thumb-widths above the navel


Si Tukang Karut said...

dulu kakmok lama mengidap sakit lutut...dan kmok pi acupunture alhamdullillah dengan izin Allah....hilang Dr Pakcik...sembuh sehingga kini...nauzubillah jgn nanti esok2 kembali jua

Si Tukang Karut said...

waktu remaja*

azwanhadzree said...

never tried it before

dr hapizi said...

dear kmok n azwan,
no harm trying!
our health is our reponsibility..

azwan said...

takut jarum :)

dr hapizi said...


tak dapek nak nolong!


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