"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


Secrets of the Ninja

Nope! this site is not about teaching martial arts!

I just wanna prove that how properly trained minds could create 'unimaginary' results.
Japanese television serials, movies and comic books continue to propagate the mythical nature of the Ninja, presenting tales of superhumans who could engage occult powers to accomplish their desires.
The true story of the Ninja is an inspiration for us all in contemporary society.
From the knowledge of the Ninja, we can derive our own concepts of personal power and control over the quality of our lives. We can discover techniques for opening our consciousness and attuning our actions to the truth of the heart.

Ninja Facts

Kuji-in is the spiritual and mental strength the ninja possessed in the form of hand signs. These hand signs were believed to be able to channel energy. The hand signs were taken from the practices of the early Buddhists.

The Kuji-in was used to build confidence and strength in the ninja. It was also believed to enhance the senses of danger and foresee death for the ninja.
In Kuji-in the thumb represents the source of power (Ku), and the fingers represent the four elemental manifestations. They are Chi (earth - solids), Sui (water - liquids), Ka (fire - combustion) and Fu (wind - gases).
There are 81 hand symbols, total, but there are 9 primary ones: Rin, Hei, Toh, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, and Zen.

Each symbol invokes different strengths and abilities in a trained ninja.

-Rin brings strength to the mind and body;
-Hei generates psychic power in order to mask one's presence;
-Toh enables the ninja to reach a balance between the solid and liquid states of the body, which leads to a greater harmony with the universe;
-Sha is used to heal oneself or another; Kai gives complete control over the body's functions, enabling one to slow the heart rate, endure extreme heat and cold, etc.
-Jin increases the mind's telepathic powers, giving a highly trained Ninja the ability to read the character of another;
-Retsu gives telekinetic powers, enabling a ninja to stun an opponent with a shout or touch.
-Zai extends the harmony gained by merging with the universe.
-Zen brings enlightenment and understanding.

These symbols take an entire lifetime to truly master!.

Women played a very important roll in the ninja clans of the past. Known as Kunoichi, the female ninja could often use their own femininity to get very close to the enemy.
Using psychological warfare and mind manipulation as weapons, the kunoichi could get in close enough to poison the victim without leaving a trace.

Kunoichi were trained in a variety of weapons, similar to the ninja, but because of the different situations they would face some smaller close range weapons were used more often.

Weapons like blinding powders, poisons, daggers, rope and even the fan were often carried because they could be used at close range and would be easy to transport without notice.

Imagine a young woman crying, and how it would make you feel. You'd probably want to try to help her, and maybe even offer her some assistance. This is just one example of how the kunoichi could trick someone into walking right into a trap, a very powerful weapon.

The clothing worn by the kunoichi depended on the situation, maybe it called for no clothes, who knows?

from: http://www.realmindpowersecrets.com/evolution32.html

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