"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]



Mr. Chai M.H. (Age: 43), Kelantan

"In year 2005, I went for medical check-up and found my blood sugar was excessively high (23.6mmol/L). After taking medication, the blood sugar level barely dropped to 14.0mmol/L. I felt my body was uncomfortable, my face was pale and I feel tired easily.

In February 2008, Mr. Cheah W.C. introduced me Crystal Energy® and Mega H® and I started to consume both since then.

On May 18, 2008 I went for check-up. The result shows that my blood sugar level dropped to 9.3mmol/L. In addition, my feet no longer have the joint pain problem, present hyperopia and myopia were dropped from 270 to 100 degree. Now, I looked much more energetic. I am very grateful and thanks to Crystal Energy® and Mega H®.


Hydrogen is the richest, lightest, smallest and travels the fastest among all elements. It can reach our tissues within a split second. Negative Hydrogen (H-) is a PURE CLEAN FUEL of life.

Pure means 100%. Clean means it does not contain carbon. Fuel means energy supply but without contributing carbon dioxide to our body. It directly supplies electron from H- apart from the usual organic sources such as glucose or antioxidants etc. It has DOUBLE ACTION over glucose metabolism for WEIGHT CONTROL

Glucose-----> (metabolism)---> carbon dioxide + water + energy

First Action-Natural Biological pH Buffering

Most caloric food contain carbon.They contribute to the production of carbon dioxide during energy production from food metabolism.

23% of carbon dioxide is bound to the hemoglobin, 7% exist in the form of dissolved carbon dioxide and 70% is formed as carbonic acid. carbonic acid dissociates into H- which acidifies our blood.

Mega H with silica hydride candirectly release abundant H- into the blood.It reduces the H+ in the blood instantly, which in turn DOUBLES up glucose metabolism in order to replace the loss of H+ in the blood. As a result of increased glucose metabolism, H- has an advantage over glucose metabolism for weight control

Second Action-Donation of Electrons to Speed up Oxygen Uptake

H- does not depend on body temperature, body enzyme and body pH to release its electron. This direct transfer of electrons from H- has helped every cell to increase its oxygen uptake which in turn increase glucose metabolism

The double action of Mega H on glucose metabolism actually lowers the blood glucose levels by TWOFOLD.Therefore, Mega H speeds up the rate of glucose metabolism by 2.5 times.

It is very beneficial for obese people with high glucose level. It has anti-diabetic effects and provides effective weight control

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