"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


A Beta Way to End Pain

This is excerpted from a book-'The Silva Mind Method for You The Healer' by Jose Silva & Robert B. Stone.


Pain is nature's way of saying that something needs your attention.This is another way to end pain without going to alpha etc (meditation).It can be done anytime and most succesful when used for chronic pain and pain that has existed for some time

Here is the procedure:-

1-Point to the correct location of pain

2-If the pain could fit a container, what container size would be perfect for it (can, bottle, box, etc)?

3-If the pain had a colour, what colour would it be? Feel the pain.What colour is it?

4-If the pain had a taste, what would it taste like? Feel the pain.How does it taste?

5-If the pain had a smell, what would it smell like? Feel the pain.How does it smell?

6-Go through steps 1 to 5 again, noticing changes in the location, shape, colour, taste and smell.

7-If there is still some pain left, repeat the cycles (step 1-5) a few more times if necessary, until you can no longer locate or feel the pain


There is no magic to it. Pain is subjective feeling, a right brain function. When you make an object out of it-giving it location, shape, colour, taste, and smell-it becomes objective. Your brain obligue by sending endorphins to relieve the pain

Chronic pain is a habit. why suffer? get rid of the expectation and belief that you must have it.

Break the habit. if you have a pain, do the cycle now!

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Nurhidayaty Maidin said...

salam doc...tengok blog doc...ligat affiliates nih..bagus-bagus.Bagus tak hasil affiliates dengan amazon?Saya belum lagi la..

Dr Hapizi said...

hehe..lilmom..sket-sket la..sambil-sambil jer..klu affiliate program ni..amazon paling hampeh la..hehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doc, reading this article reminded me of multi cross sensing. Amazing indeed how we can reduce pain in such a way. Thank you so much for the many many many wonderful info here. Hope I could ask or share knowledge in future. Lastly thank you so much again.


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