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Why You Need More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil—long recognized for their remarkable ability to protect against cardiovascular disease—may confer a wealth of additional benefits for human health, guarding against depression, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other crippling diseases of aging
Among the benefits:-

Heart (cardiovascular)

-Fish Oil Lowers Triglycerides (fats)
-Omega-3s Inhibit Inflammatory Compounds
-Fish Oils Rich in Omega-3s Fight After-Meal Surges in Blood Fats
-Omega-3s Slow Plaque Growth and Prevent Blood Clots
-Fish Oils Help Improve Endothelial Function (inner layer of blood vessels)
-Omega-3s Normalize Heart Rhythm, Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death
-Fish Oils and Omega-3s Counter Dangerous Metabolic Syndrome

Fighting Cancers

-Higher Omega-3 Intake Tied to Lower Cancer Risk
-Omega-3 Fats Induce Varied Cancer-Preventive Effects
-Omega-3s Fight Cancer in Laboratory and Animal Studies
-Omega-3s Show Potent Effects Against Prostate Cancer
-Omega-3s May Prevent and Inhibit Growth of Breast Cancer
-Omega-3s Shield Skin Against UV Light-Induced Cancer
-Omega-3s Enhance Effects of Cancer-Fighting Drugs
-Omega-3s Promote Healing From Cancer Surgery

Brain Foods

-Omega-3 Fats Fight Depression, Enhance Antidepressant Meds
-Improving Mood and Cognition Across Diverse Populations
-Omega-3s Support Healthy Brain Structure, Function
-Omega-3s Aid Brain Health by Fighting Inflammation

Bone Health

-Omega-3s Prevent Bone Loss
-Omega-3s Increase Calcium Absorption
-Omega-3s Maintain Bone Mass
-Omega-3s May Promote Dental Health

Joint Health & Reduce Pains

-Omega-3s Help Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain
-Powerful Pain Relief for Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Natural, Safe Relief—Without the Risks of Pharmaceuticals
-Omega-3s Fight Pain by Quelling Inflammation
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Dr H's comments:

In view of the diverse and undisputed benefits of omega 3 fish oil, it is very much advisable to consume fish in your daily meal...or probably supplement yourselves with quality grade omega 3 fish oil


Anonymous said...

Vegetarian Fish Oil: Microalgae Oil is the new best source of omega-3 DHA and EPA. It is better tolerated over fish oil. Microalgae oil is the source where fish oil omega-3 comes from. Learn more… www.source-omega.com

Dr Hapizi said...

thank anon for the comment n link

Anonymous said...

Dr. Hapizi,

What you write is true but there is a lot more than we all can do! Read the book "7 Steps to a Healthy Brain" by Dr. Paul Winner.

Dr Hapizi said...

agree. anon. a lot more can be done. our knowldege must kept abreast with new thought and trend.
hope we can work hand-in-hand for it...and plz keep in touch.

would appreciate if you could leave ur email, blog url etc.



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