"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


Walk, Push, Pull, Jump!

If you spend a lot of time at home, this exercise is perfect. Use a sturdy piece of furniture such as sink, immovable table or heavy sofa. no excuse for not having time for exercising!

1-place your hands on the sink or furniture, head down, elbows out, and walk in place.it should look as if you are trying to move the sink

2-In the same position, really push the sink with all your strength while still walking in place. you should feel the backs of your shoulders down to your forearms really working

3-Holding on to the sink, pull back on the sink so that your ankles are touching the ground and your toes are pointing upward. you will feel the backs of your shoulders and arms supporting your weight

4-Lean froward, transferring all your weight on top of the sink and onto your forearms and calf muscles. jump up off the ground. repeat 10-20 times

-from Goldman & Klatz.The New Anti-Aging Revolution

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