"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


Cancer Testimonial

Topic : Colon cancer
Mr. Yeap H.H. (Age: 65), Penang

I am a retired teacher. In early of 2007, I started to feel tired easily and detected blood in my stool and lose weight. In February, I went for medical check-up and the CT scan showed that I have a tumor (4.7cm x 7.6cm) in my colon invading my bladder. I underwent a biopsy and was confirmed that colon cancer has already started to metastasize. The oncologist told me that they need to remove the infected part of colon which was near the anus and the possible outcome of the operation that I have to remove my feces with the use of colostomy sac.

After seeking second opinion from another hospital, I underwent surgery and in order to prevent my cancer from spreading, the oncologist advised me to do chemotherapy. However, due to my weak condition after surgery, I was advised to rest at home for 1 month in order to build up my immune system before going for chemotherapy.

While I was recuperating at home, my brother-in-law suggested opting for other supplements. However, I was very skeptical and dare not follow his advice.

I went for medical check-up 1 month later and decided to undergo chemotherapy. After taking chemo drugs for 1 week, I started to have side effect. My whole body was in pain, my forehead, food and skin was blacken and could not sleep at night. After 2 weeks, the drugs side effect worsened and I could not tolerate anymore. I decided to seek for doctor's advices. The doctor told me that kind of drugs was not suitable for me and advised me to try on another type.

My wife started to persuade me to opt for alternative as recommended by my brother-in-law. Reluctantly, I started to take antioxidant (Mega H® and Crystal Energy®) as recommended by my borhter-in-law. Within a week of taking Mega H® (4 capsules) and Crystal Energy® (80 drops), I can feel the difference. I feel more energetic, my body pain reduced and I can sleep soundly. On the third week, the black spot begin to disappear gradually and my blackened skin started to peel off (just like snake changing skin).

Within a month of continuously taking Mega H® and Crystal Energy®, I was on the road to recovery. When I went for my scheduled medical check-up, the CT scan result shows that there is no evidence of metastasis and I was freed from colon cancer!

I am very thankful to God for giving me the second chance to live, grateful to my brother-in-law and Flantech products especially Mega H® and Crystal Energy®. I continue taking the products daily. After going thru this dreadful experience, I know that prevention is better than cure.

I strongly recommend those who are suffering from cancer to try on Crystal Energy and Mega H. This is because health should not be taken for granted and should be valued above everything else.

Dr. H's comments:

There are several mechanisms involved when combination of Mega H & Crystal Energy are used in treating cancer cases

  • Detoxification-get rid of all the toxins and excess free radicals

  • Hydration-cells get more hydrated, thus increase absorption of nutrients & oxygenation (cancer cells thrive in oxygen-poor environment )

  • Alkalinisation of blood-cancer cells hate alkaline medium

  • Antioxidant properties of Mega H helps kill the cancer cells

  • Mega H & Crystal Energy protects the normal cells during chemo or radiotherapy

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