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His Life, his calling


The Star, Sunday 25,2008

Dr Bernard Jensen taught us so many things – which is why he is one of the most remembered and loved natural health teachers of all time.
THIS year, natural and holistic health practitioners commemorate the centennial of the birth of one of the most influential champions of holistic health, Dr Bernard Jensen.
He was a chiropractic doctor who believed in the natural healing power of foods, and the healing power of natural remedies and therapies.

He was responsible for introducing and popularising various natural healing methods to the English-speaking world. He personally treated over 350,000 patients with his natural lifestyle and nutritional prescriptions.
He also taught and trained thousands of medical doctors and complementary health practitioners from all over the world, either at his beautiful Hidden Valley Health Ranch in California, or during his extensive travels across the globe.

Dr Bernard Jensen’s research and advancement on the subject of iridology were possibly his greatest contributions to the science.
He studied, improved and promoted natural methods such as nutritional therapy, iridology, colon hydrotherapy, fasting, reflexology, herbology, homeopathy, craniopathy and many more. He authored more than 50 books and booklets and conducted thousands of classes and seminars right until his death.

Although he did not discover iridology, his research and advancement on the subject were possibly the greatest contributions to the science. Because of him, many thousands learned and took up the practice.

He introduced us to the people of the Hunza Valley and other remote communities famous for their longevity.
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He taught us the goodness of raw organic foods, juicing and detoxification. He educated us on the detox and healing powers of chlorella.

He taught us so many things – which is why he is one of the most remembered and loved natural health teachers of all time.

His teachings have been continued by his many students in their own countries. Thus his legacy lives on and his teachings have benefited millions of people on the planet.
Some say that he was also among the most influential persons in encouraging organic farming and organic living throughout the world.
Applying his own teachings, he lived to a ripe age of 93 (he died on February 22, 2001), but not without battles with the scourges of cancer and ageing.
He cured himself of cancer at the age of 89, and at 92, again stunned medical doctors by recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident. Compounded by the effects of ageing, he was wheelchair bound and incontinent. Yet he managed to recover using natural foods as medicine.

Till the end, he proved that foods and natural remedies could cure illnesses. He attributed his cancer to stress from the hectic schedule that included too much travel (which also meant improper diet), too many lectures, and attending to too many patients.

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