"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


Lifestyle Changes for Cancer Patients

Probably my previous articles on cancer are too 'mind-boggling'. Well..lets look at something more simpler but crucial..these are bread n butter you must know...if u or your loved one..has CANCER..

this post is adapted from 'Alternative Cure' book by Bill Gottlieb.The chapter is on alternative treatment for breast cancer, but I think it is also useful for any type of the disease..


'A change in lifestyle is the only factor that has been scientifically proven to extend the lifespan of women with breast cancer', says Charles Simone, MD, director of the Simone Protective Cancer Center in New Jersey.

'A change in lifestyle stops 'feeding' the tumour and boost the immune system so that it can more effectively fight cancer, says Dr Simone. The most important change, he says is eliminating the foods that he believes contribute to 40-60% of all breast cancer

FOOD: stop eating red meat and dairy products

-more than 100 scientific studies show that saturated fat- the kind in red meat and diary products- can increase the risk of cancer.

'the saturated fat found in red meat and dairy products feeds a tumour'- says Dr Simone.

'If you remove them, you will slow the rate at which a tumour grows and perhaps stop its growth', he added.

'All dairy products, even those such as fat-free milk, contain potential tumour-promoting growth hormones that are fed to cows to improve their mlik production' says Elizabeth Ann Lowenthal, a cancer speciallist in Alabama.

FOOD; Don't feed your tumour's sweet tooth.

Some alternative practitioner believe that cancer cells rely on metabolic process that is driven by glucose, Dr Lowenthal says.

"One of the first things I ask my patients with breast cancer to do is to get off sugars", she says.. you can do that by staying away from sugary desserts, not adding sugar to any food, eating a limited amount of fruit and drinking fruit juice only once or twice a week

WATER: make yours distilled

-this to remove all posible carcinogens from your drinking water-a must for everyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

ALCOHOL: A must to avoid

Alcohol is a carcinogen. simply don't drink. more so if you have cancer.

TOBACCO: Avoid smoke- yours and others.

If you smoke, your cancer is more likely to spread. avoid secondary smoke as well

EXERCISE: walk four times a week.

Cancer thrives in an oxygen-poor environment. mild aerobic exercise fights cancer by stimulating the immune system and oxygenating the body. Dr Simone says. walking is the most inexpensive and and convenient form of exercise, he says

STRESS REDUCTION: calm your mind

Mental stress (worried, overloaded mind) weakens the immune system. mental ease ( a calm, quite mind) strengthen it and stronger immune system means more resistance to cancer. Dr Simone suggests 4 easy ways for his patients with breast cancer to reduce mental stress

  1. take a hot shower
  2. listen to calming music
  3. pray or meditate, repeating a single thought or process (like watching your breath) over and over
  4. be sexually intimate, either by having intercourse or just hugging and cuddling

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