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The secrets of the drugs industry

Why do 113,000 people die in America from a prescription drug every year?

Every year around 13,000 Americans are murdered, a similar number dies from AIDS – and more than 113,000 die as a direct result of a pharmaceutical drug. It’s often been likened to a jumbo jet crashing every day of the year.

But why does this happen, year after year, when there are supposed to be rigorous safety tests in place? And how is it that the drugs industry gets away with it – and, worse, continues to be one of the most successful, and fastest-growing, industry groups around?

The answers can be found in WDDTY’s ground-breaking report, ‘Secrets of the Drugs Industry’ – and they are answers that will surprise, perhaps even appal, you. To have your own download copy of this must-read report, please click here.

Tragically, the true dangers of pharmaceutical drugs are far worse than even the horrifying official figures suggest. Many deaths that are caused by drugs go unreported – either because the doctor never suspected that the drug was to blame, or because doctors and hospitals fear litigation from the deceased’s relatives, or because drugs often have a ‘paradoxical’ effect. This means they create the very symptoms they are supposed to treat, and so often a disease is blamed as the cause, rather than the drug.

In fact, the Institute of Medicine thinks that a truer figure of deaths caused by drugs is closer to 225,000 each year.

To find out how this outrageous situation has been tolerated for so long, read WDDTY’s ‘Secrets of the Drugs Industry’. To order your download copy, please click here.

The drug companies know more than they’re letting on, of course. They will hide data – in fact, they are under no legal obligation to print research findings – they hire ‘experts’ to give a report greater authority, even though the expert has never read the study, and they will pay to have researchers change the findings that appear in the summary area, the only one people bother reading.

‘Secrets of the Drugs Industry’ includes an important checklist that you can use whenever you are prescribed a drug to ensure you don’t become yet another victim.

It also outlines the dangers and side effects of some of the more popular drugs – and suggests the ones you really should avoid.

In short, ‘Secrets of the Drugs Industry’ is a must-have report that every home should have, and every thinking person should read. It’s one of those essential reads that helkp guide you safely through our modern world. And it’s available in moments by clicking here.

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