"And He feeds me and quenches my thirst and when I fall sick then He (Allah) cures me" [Soorah Shu'araa: 80]


Insomnia-tips to counter

Before-Bed Bites
  • Have a slice of chicken, or a banana before heading to bed. These foods contain tryptophan, an amino acid that's used to make serotonin, a brain chemical that helps you sleep.
  • Try a glass of warm milk (milk contains tryptophan) and a cookie, or warm milk with a spoonful of honey.
  • Avoid big meals late in the evening
Be a Slave to Schedule
  • Wake up at the same time each day, no matter how little sleep you got the night before. On weekends, follow the same schedule, so your body adheres to the same pattern all week long. You'll sleep better.
  • Every morning, go for a walk. With your body clock set by the great outdoors, you'll sleep better at night.
  • If you just can't sleep, don't lie in bed worrying about it. That will only make sleep harder to attain. Get up, leave the bedroom, and grab a book or watch TV.The goal is to bore yourself into oblivion-so sleep becomes a sweet release.
Within four hours of bedtime:
  • Avoid exercising
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid tobacco
Plant remedies
  • Valerian helps people fall asleep faster without the "hangover" affect of some sleeping pills.
  • "Natural" sleep remedies often include herbal ingredients such as hops and skullcap. Whatever the formulation, follow the package directions.
  • Lavender has a reputation as a mild tranquilizer. Simply dab a bit of the oil onto your temples and forehead before you hit the pillow. Or place a lavender sachet near your pillow.
  • Put a drop of jasmine essential oil on each wrist just before you go to bed.
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